Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TODAY -- you started out narsty and ended stinkin awesome. Thanks!

Today started out as a crappy day. I had to slog my way through Hubby's and my taxes which we have procrastinated entirely too long over. This is not an easy endeavor in the simplest of circumstances but since i run a home based business, it meant combing through about 200 reciepts and adding up an infinitesimal amount of costs for everything from band-aids to bread. Not my favorite thing to do. Math and patience are not my forte.

I finally collapsed and said, "ENOUGH!" Time to curl up on the bed under my soft satin edged quilt and watch crappy daytime television. Thought came to me to inquire to Hubby on the status of the mail. Lovely Hubby went out, brought the mail in and lo and behold there were two parcels for me as well as one parcel card. Without even asking, my dear went off to the Post Office to pick up the remaining parcel.

The first parcel i opened was a beautiful stained glass wind chime and objet d'arte made by Cagedbirdsings on Etsy. I couldn't get a good photo of it today as it's overcast. Hopefully, she won't mind if i steal her pic and share it with you all...

The second parcel i opened was part of a top secret stuffed critter trade with fellow Etsian IckyDogCreations. I sent her a one of a kind leopard print monster...

and here she is getting him settled in to his new home!

Well when i opened my second parcel today, this is what i found:

SO AWESOME! Zombie bunny feasting on the brains of a sock monkey!! Icky did her research on what i like it seems! Fantastic and i love it to bits... really a work of art! Check out the exposed zombie rabbit ribs!

Now as if all that didn't turn my day from shite to rad, Hubby came home just as my zombie appreciation giggles died down. In his arms was a large box from The Black Lamb. As mentioned before, i have developped a bit of a penchant for drop spinning wool. Laurie has wondrous rovings in a multitude of colors and was absolutely a peach to work with. I cut open the box from her with quite a little jolt of excitement as the wool filled bags expanded outwards revealing...

a wondrous cornucopia of fibers! I cannot wait to get my hands in there and spin... i will be sure to share with you all... whether you want me to or not. ;)


  1. Ha! That bunny is rad! As is your leopard print fella too :)

    You guys are like soulmates.

    I had pictures weeks ago and didn't tell you. Aren't I cool??? :)

  2. i can totally see why your head was trying to explode keeping that all in there.

    yeh, we're like stuffed critter making separated at birth conjoined twins.