Saturday, September 5, 2009

Halloween Costumes Central... how may i help you?

Halloween is almost upon us again and i cannot be any happier. While i love the summer months, my natural pasty pallor, my October birthday and my morbid sense of humor has led me for most of my life to consider Autumn and Halloween the best time of the year. The smell of crisp leaves with a touch of frost in the Canadian air sets me all a'thrill.

I am the grown daughter of a Halloween obsessed costume maker and took up the gauntlet myself as soon as i lived on my own. I have been making costumes as a hobby for some 20 years now. I make all my patterns myself and just dive right into that pile of fabric.

Here is my charming little housefly son from last year.

Buzz buzz... don't want to shoo that fly away, he's too cute -- and he has a cookie!

My daughter has a penchant for sushi much like her mama. Here she is be-decked last year complete with wasabi cap and chop sticks. Much to her chagrin, most of the people in our rural neighborhood believed that she was a hockey puck... i guess you see what you know.

This is a terrible picture of a cute costume. This was made for my daughter when she was only 4. She was a real Reptar fan.

The next year, she was a metallic blue dragon. The body was scales with rippled blue lame scales down the belly and iridescent blue wings. The head piece fit like a hat.

Sometimes, waiting for Halloween is just too long. Here is the costume i made for my son when he was 1... just in time for Easter.

As many people who know me can attest to, i have a real love for sock monkeys. One year, i decided to be one for Halloween. Here's the costume. This sold on Ebay - used - for $200.oo.

When my son was one and a half, Fall was a cold time of year for a fair child with very little hair. This made an interesting idea boil forth in my mind. If he had no hair, could i make him a costume with hair? What kind of hair would i make? Well naturally, a POMPADOUR... Elvis has left the potty!

Another family obsession is pirates. Here is my dear daughter when she was 6 as a cute an cheeky pirate. Oh those buttons were so much fun... without a button holer on my sewing machine.

Below is a custom request for an Ewok costume i made just today for a friend's daughter... my son is a willing model.

Here's another custom order i made for this year's Halloween. It's Max in his wolf suit from Where the Wild Things Are. The person who ordered this will have fun rumpussing for sure!

I just revel in costume making. I take custom orders and make up as many costumes as possible each year for Halloween. If you would like to have me make you something, check me out via my Etsy store or leave me a msg. here. Cheers!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics of beautiful Halloween costumes. I LOVE them.. I have planned to buy my costumes from Costume Kingdom.

  2. The Reptar costume came out perfect! What did you use for the eyes and the scales on the back?

  3. I LOVE your Reptar costume. I'm trying to make one right now for my boyfriend who is 5'8''... do you have any suggestions for me? The fabric store was out of the dinosaur pattern I wanted to use and I am really not any kind of!