Thursday, January 8, 2009

So, will this hurt?

Possibly. This is my first real actual blog on a blogging site. I have at odd times just rambled here and there... facebook, myspace etc. Long time ago, i used to have my own webpage. Somehow, my life took over and i neglected it. I had no idea that much like a forgotten cactus, a website with no love at all dies.

A little bit about me for those of you who don't already know me in person. I am insanely short. Like if i were 3" shorter, i would be of little people stature. I talk. I talk ALOT. An old friend of mine used to say that i could talk under water. I like to know that i inspire that kind of idiotic image in someone's mind... me making random hand gestures and some muddled "bwa wa ah waah" noises while bubbles stream out the sides of my face searching for escape.

I paint. Not as much as i really should. I am a mom. I am a wife. I love my family like nobodys' business. Knitting and sewing isn't a pass-time for me, but an obsession. My hands twitch if i'm not typing, knitting, sewing, sculpting, painting or otherwise making something out of ... other somethings. To help me be able to stay home with the kids i do daycare and i run a little crafting business on Etsy. I Squidoo. I Twitter too... but i forget all these login things and honestly believe the world needs less of that and more making stuff... like sockmonkeys... or paintings of giant squid.

I see art everywhere. In the footprints of little birds in the snow, in a dead leaf swirling in a creek, even in a booger in my sons' nose. I have a real affinity for the complete absurd. I spell terribly but read voraciously... that is i do when i have the time. I buy handmade jewelry from other creative people. I cut hair. I am learning to tattoo. I have always been socially awkward... and i love that awkward is such an awkward word.

If I like you long enough to talk to you for more than 10 minutes, i love you for life. My dreams are full of birds and laughter, but i wear almost only black and have for most of my adult life. This is not to be tough or cool but to mask the coffee i live on and often pour on myself. I am centimeters shy of being OCD. I live in Canada's only desert.

There. Did that hurt you?

[ j ]

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