Friday, January 9, 2009

i am a dullard, or what NOT to do in your kitchen.

for the past year my hubby and i have been working feverishly to reinvent our somewhat dumpy townhouse we purchased at christmas last year. It's our first home and we bought with the intention of fixing it up and selling for a modest profit so we could buy a house for our family.

I swear the day after we bought, the market dropped. :D Okay, maybe not the day after but something that smacks very close to that. We have had to rip out walls, replace flooring, repair plumbing, do some electrical and re-drywall parts. so far, we have done a fairly decent job on a very tight budget. Here are some of the before pictures of the townhouse:

Here are some during or after pictures of our work:

We still have some work to do. Unfortunately after last night, we have some EXTRA work to do. I am the queen of multitasking as is necessary when you have children. I started the water for washing the dishes in the sink and while it was filling, i went to the bottom of the stairs to ask hubby something. From there, i heard the unmistakable sounds of my two year old having a huge temper tantrum and calling for me. My motherly instint kicked in and up i went to the aid of my poor fretful 2 year old.
Oh yes, now you are all thinking of the water running. Well i was not unfortunately. 10 minutes later we all decended downstairs to see a flood spreading across our lovely new LAMINATE flooring we haven't even finished paying for yet and which we spent an entire back and knee breaking weekend laying down. A call to arms was sent out... or at least a call to towels. Every towel in the house was gathered. Laminate flooring is NO friend of moisture and does not take kindly to 2 inches of water pooling on top of it... splooshing alarmingly beneath it.
I could cry. Actually, i did. I very very rarely do something stupid/foolish/careless... but when i do, it is a feat of SPECTACULAR proportions.

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