Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This posting is all about the pictures...

Today has slapped me with many a picture. Pictures are - as it is their nature - rich in unspoken dialogue. To illustrate this point, i must share with you the pictures that have come to assault me today. (note, all pics can be viewed larger by clicking on them)

I start off with the snapshots from my day job taken earlier today:

This is what happens when you give a mad artist some plasticine, principles of the color wheel and two 2 year olds.

This on the other hand is Ernst... a business card folder i made yesterday and photographed today. He speaks for himself. His story can be found to a further extent here.

Now later on today, my fantastic 10 year old daughter decided to browse through a photo album i have had for years. Joining her, i found some really quite entertaining old pictures. Ones best left to speak largely for themselves...

That's me on top... that's my old friend Rob Nelms with no eyebrows -- the guy in the suit. This was circa 1995. This Oscar Meyer wiener-mobile had Illinois license plates and was spotted parking in my friend's building's parking lot or alternately in front of a funeral home -- both in Ottawa Ontario Canada.

This is of course, the bassist of the Look People playing slide bass on my butt. Circa 1993.

This first picture above is me with one of the two very best cats in the whole world... and a hideous couch. I miss you Zaire! Circa 1989. The picture above and to the right is a snapshot taken of a dear old friend of mine. I'm sure he would rather this picture disappear.

And a final shot:

Proof my son is a freak -- he is sound asleep --

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and now a link full of spring color


  1. haha great pics jane! loe the plasticine artwort too :)

  2. thanks for sharing these photos, jane! especially the one of your freak son! ;)