Friday, February 6, 2009

I stink at blogging... Today i sew for me.

Really, for someone who never stops talking and is in possession of some serious self absorption, i ought to be much better at this.

I even forget i have a blog. Then there's the layout. I look at it and it depresses me. I want it fixed. Despite my ability to make pretty things and dance about in the brains of my computer, i cannot for the life of me get the layout of this simple little blog straightened out. I'm sure it's like fractions were when i was in grade 4... i am just making it more complicated than it really is.

As most people who know me are aware of, i am a nutty artist-type person who runs a little store on and am constantly making fun little items to list in my store. This morning, i thought to myself, "self, why do you never make anything for you?!?"

In response to this thought and at peril of making my self dialogue open to all, i decided to make something just for me today. Here it is!

This is a 12" by 9" makeup pouch to replace my way too small old one. Doesn't it just make you want a cup of coffee?

Now i shall share something with you that should make you all cringe... because if i am squirming uncomfortably, then you should too.

This is my grade 5 class photo that an old school chum posted on Facebook. That skinny freckle faced short blonde in the very center is me. How funny is that?

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