Thursday, March 19, 2009

And more with the fun fur...

I think if i keep sewing this fun fur stuff i'm going to develop a hairball.

My awkward bunny sold to a dear friend of mine who is also a repeat customer... (love ya Nic!)
Nic also ordered a custom girl bunny... i love how she turned out... i just want to hug her and hug her. Her pinafore is fully reversible and i got to use my new Square [ j ] Jane labels i bought and absolutely love. If you are in need of nice affordable labels, check out Rememberwynn on Etsy. Fantastic and easy to work with, she helped me through the process and got the tags to me super fast too.

The eyes i've used on my awkward bunnies series have all come from another Etsian and fellow Owl member Chezmichelle at Sun Catcher Eyes. They are the easiest safety eyes to use and so pretty too.

I am working on a furry fish with legs right now too and will finish him off tomorrow.

I Just got this fantastic worry journal in the mail for my wonderful albeit slightly fretful daughter. So adorable and fun to use! Click on the monster below to check out Spiderbite's boutique on Etsy.
Recently, i have also crossed the line from random crafter to insane hard-core crafter by spinning my first ball of wool. I found a wonderful and affordable top whorl drop spindle from Mainewoodsyarn on Etsy... I highly recommend them. More on these wool spinning shenanigans later.

UPDATE: As promised, i finished up my Darwin fish... i present to you, MURDOCH.