Tuesday, March 17, 2009

making stuff just cos it tickles my fancy.

Lately, i have been on quite the creative kick. While i am absolutely wretched about updating my blog, i am always looking for time on the sewing machine or time with my knitting needles.

This month i have made the following - nay - plucked them from my head really...

This is Mumbles an art doll. She was sold to a buyer in California.

This is a dress for a 3 to a 4 year old i designed and made. There are skulls on the hot pink fabric and they glow in the dark. It's waiting for some little punk rock diva out there.

Next is "You kill me". It's a business card wallet i designed. No one seems to like it, but i really do. Perhaps i should keep it. Last to be posted today is my awkward bunny Chuck. Awkward is such an awkward word. Chuck is such an awkward bunny.

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