Monday, April 6, 2009

Art runs in the family.

I love to paint. Among all of the crazy crafty things i make and do, i have been painting for over half of my life. One of the most fantastic things about being a parent is having the opportunity to watch your children discover art for the very first time. Children inherently have this fantastic ability to live life out loud and see brilliance in everything. Their eyes are new and their perspectives are fresh. They aren't as likely to assign labels to or expect reason from every aspect of life.

Here is proof of that... a painting by my rather intense two year old son.

Here is some amazing Pokemon art by my ten year old daughter. Each picture below is actually about the size of a penney to a quarter.

Today was sunny and inspiring. I decided to put ink to canvas for the first time in awhile... This is how Haddy Grimble the alien monster came to fruition. Last, i leave you with some pictures of the flowers i just felt compelled to buy to bring some spring indoors today... as a reminder that nature is possibly the best artist around.

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