Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One Crazy Spring -- a new painting series.

So, what started off as one painting has now turned into a series of paintings. I have missed painting and these little 8 inch by 10 inch artists canvases are just right for getting my hands back into paint for a spell. I normally really like to paint large canvas but i just don't have time for that right now with all the other nuttiness that i am up to on a daily basis and the three jobs i work.

The first in the series was Haddy Grimble, named after a line in a ridiculous John Lennon poem.
I had so much fun that Haddy just really whetted my appetite for Spring Makes Friends. As most people who know me can attest, i have a real obsession with sock monkeys. Not the newfangled variety either, but the real old Rockford red heeled sock monkeys. I predict many more sock monkey paintings in the future.

This second painting did nothing to abate my need for paint and so today i painted "The LAST Blind Date". As with the others, this is an acrylic on 8 by 10 canvas.

I cannot predict where this series of paintings is leading me... but based on my past experience, resistance IS futile.


  1. i jost love haddy, so cool!! :)

    ps. i too am obsessed with sock monkeys (hence the name!) and have just started to whip up another 'batch'!

  2. Thanks for the compliment on my necklace!
    Those paintings are great! I love the sock monkey one the most. My best friend is having a baby and the theme for her baby room is sock monkeys. :D