Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love Monsters... and art.

So Etsy has this thing where you can put together a compilation of some of your favorite items that OTHER people are selling. It is called a treasury. The hardest part is trying to choose what to feature. It can also be very hard to land a treasury as almost every Etsian wants to compile their favorites...

Here is my shout out to some very talented creative individuals:

If you click on the link below, it will take you to the actual treasury, where you can peruse or purchase items up close and personal-like!

When Monsters do geometry

I had my first sale of an item I pre-made yesterday to a total stranger. Feels great to know that someone I don't know appreciates my work. Now the packaging and shipping is ON. More tough durable pvc vinyl knitting needle totes to come.

Another little tidbit of trying to build an online business is tracking what's going on so you can figure out how to better take care of potential customers. Recently, Etsy introduced a collaborative effort with Google Analytics. This is fun because it lets you see who comes to your Etsy shop, i.e. from where in the world and more importantly, how they got there. For some reason, a large number of people are stumbling into various Etsy stores by entering the search term "corn poo" into Google.

I myself am not selling anything to do with corn poo... just so you know.

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